What products and services are available?

We provide two subscription levels and a number of different research services.

For our non-corporate customers, we offer a subscription service called Premium Plus. Legacy subscribers may still be on our old Premium subscription plan, which does not contain all the features of the new Premium Plus service. The subscription costs for this service are $99 monthly or $999 yearly.

This subscription service provides access to all of our posts, regularly published reports and our “Heads Up” section, where we publish more information regarding our observations, geopolitical events, and other data regarding the import and export of Crude Oil and Products. We update our reports twice a week, and show the total number of barrels being exported to/from a number of countries of interest. These numbers are aggregated on a per-country, per-month basis and do not contain the granular information provided as part of our Corporate plan.

Premium Plus subscribers also have access to SMS Notifications in a variety of categories, where users can select which categories they are interested in and be notified via text message whenever new information is available in that category.

We also provide a Corporate subscription plan. It contains everything mentioned in the Premium Plus subscription plan, but also includes:

  • Granular per-vessel details as part of our monthly reports. (Including details about departure dates, total barrels carried per vessel, departure ports, etc.)
  • An API and CSV export for our published reports.
  • Vessel histories for individual vessels of interest.
  • … and more.

Finally, we also offer corporate customers the ability to contract us for our research services. We can provide our expertise with great flexibility when it comes to a variety of maritime investigations, including subterfuge investigation, import/export details, vessel histories, and more. These research services do not require an existing Corporate subscription and can be ordered on-demand by Corporate customers.

For more information about our research services or the Corporate subscription plan, please contact us for more details.

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