API Usage and Response Details

When using the most recent versions of our API endpoints, the response will be a JSON object containing three other objects. The structure of the first two, request and response are common across all of our API endpoints and will be detailed here.

The Request Object

key type description
endpoint string The title of the endpoint being requested.
note string|null Information regarding the request, such as info regarding new versions of the endpoint being available.
api_version integer The version number of the API endpoint being requested.
parameters object Te key and values for parameters used in the request, excluding the API key used.

The Response Object

key type description
data_count integer The amount of responses in the data object.
last_updated datetime The date and time that the data being returned was updated.
message string A short message describing the status of the request.
response_code integer The HTTP Response Code being returned to the requester.

The Data Object

The structure of the final object returned in an API request is called data. As it differs from endpoint to endpoint, its contents will be outlined on each corresponding API endpointโ€™s own FAQ pages.

Error Handling and Invalid Inputs

When making a request to the API using a set of invalid parameters, a response containing the same three objects discussed above (request, response, data) will be provided. The data object will be empty and the response object will contain additional information regarding why the request failed.

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