Endpoint: STS Sessions

Please note: This API endpoint is only available to subscribers of our Corporate plan. If you or your corporation are interested in a Corporate subscription to gain API access to the data that TankerTrackers.com, Inc. collects, please contact us for a quote.

This API endpoint returns a list of STS sessions that occur between two separate dates given as parameters.

Endpoint URL:

https://tankertrackers.com/api/sts/v2/[API Key]?[parameters]

Note that the parameters must be entered in a key=value fashion, such as ?from=2024-01-01&to=2024-01-14

URL Parameters:

Parameter Description
[API Key] The Unique API Key as indicated on the Account Management page.
[from] The first date of searching, for example 2023-05-01.
[to] The last date of searching, for example 2023-05-07.
[polygon] (Optional) The ID of the polygon you wish to restrict results to.

Response Keys:

In the response, the data object will contain the following keys:

JSON Key Name JSON Value Type Nullable? Description
date string false The date the STS session was captured, in the format YYYY-MM-DD.
location.latitude string false The latitude of the STS session.
location.longitude string false The longitude of the STS session.
location.area string true The name of the area the STS session took place in, if known.
vessels object false An object containing multiple rows, each showing the IMO, name, sanction violator status and STS role (“feeder”, “receiver”, or “unknown”) of the vessels involved.
imagery string false The URL of the satellite evidence imagery.

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