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This API endpoint returns the total amount of exports, grouped by destination country, for any given exporting country, year, and month. Use this API to see the answer to questions like “How much did Saudi Arabia export to other countries during the month of May, 2021?”.

Endpoint URL:[API Key]/[Country Code]/[Year]/[Month]

URL Parameters:

Parameter Description
[API Key] The Unique API Key as indicated on the Account Management page.
[Country Code] The two-letter country code for the country, for example EG
[Year] The four-digit year, for example 2021.
[Month] The number of the month, for example 4 for April. 

The resulting output is a JSON array containing one JSON object per country that has received exports during that particular month. Each of the individual JSON Objects contains the same three keys. Note that there may be two or more entries containing the same destination_name, but never two or more entries sharing both the same destination_name and cargo_type.

Response Keys:

JSON Key Name JSON Value Type Nullable? Description
destination_country string false The full name of the destination country, for example Australia.
destination_code string false The ISO 3166-2 code of the destination country, for example AU.
barrels integer false The number of barrels exported to said destination from the requested country during the given period.
cargo_type string false The type of cargo exported to this destination during the given period.

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