Shoreside Vessel Photography

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This API endpoint returns a list of URLs containing photographs of vessels in and around various ports around the world.

Endpoint URL:[IMO]

URL Parameters:

Parameter Description
[API Key] The Unique API Key as indicated on the Account Management page.
[IMO] The IMO of the vessel you are requesting imagery of.

The resulting output is a JSON array containing one JSON object per journey made by a vessel departing the given country during the given month. This object is broken down into four separate objects; vessel, departure, arrival, and cargo. Note that a vessel may appear more than once in any given month if it made more than one departure during that time.

Response Keys:

JSON Key Name JSON Value Type Nullable? Description
date datestring false The date the vessel was spotted at this port.
port_unlocode string false The five-character UNLOCODE of the port at which the vessel was seen.
url string false The URL to the image in question.
comment string true A comment, if any, regarding this image.
fully_laden bool false Whether or not the vessel was fully laden at the time.
partially_laden bool false Whether or not the vessel was partially laden at the time.

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