Departing Vessels Per Country Per Month

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This API endpoint returns a more granular description of exports for a given country during a given month. Instead of grouping the total amount of barrels per destination country, the output is given with details about each individual departure, including details about the vessel, the departure time, and more.

Endpoint URL:[API Key]/[Country Code]/[Year]/[Month]

URL Parameters:

Parameter Description
[API Key]  The Unique API Key as indicated on the Account Management page.
[Country Code]  The two-letter country code for the country, for example EG.
[Year]  The four-digit year, for example 2021.
[Month]  The number of the month, for example 4 for April.

The resulting output is a JSON array containing one JSON object per journey made by a vessel departing the given country during the given month. This object is broken down into four separate objects; vessel, departure, arrival, and cargo. Note that a vessel may appear more than once in any given month if it made more than one departure during that time.

Response Keys:

JSON Key Name JSON Value Type Nullable? Description string false The current name of the vessel according to the best of our understanding.
vessel.imo integer true The IMO of the vessel.
vessel.mmsi integer true The current MMSI of the vessel.
vessel.callsign string true The current callsign of the vessel.
vessel.location string true The coordinates of the vessel when we first detected it in connection with this transport event.
vessel.evidence string true An URL to an online source that proves the vessel’s location and identity.
departure.timestamp datestring false A date string in the format YYYY-MM-DD. string false The full name of the originating country, for example Iran.
departure.port string true The full name of the originating port, for example Kharg Island. string false The full name of the destination country, for example China.
arrival.port string true The full name of the destination port, for example Qingdao.
cargo.barrels integer false The total number of barrels carried by this vessel during this journey.
cargo.draft float false The draft/draught level of this vessel as observed during this journey.
cargo.cargo_type string false The type of cargo carried by this vessel on this journey.
cargo.notes string true Relevant notes, if any, about this particular journey.

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