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USA, Week Ending August 31st, 2018
For the week ending August 31st, 2018, we have counted and estimated barrels per day of crude oil departing the United States of America. The largest recipient this summer seems to be...
First published Sep 4, 2018 in Crude Oil Exports Report.
Saudi Arabia, August 2018 (Incl. Production Calculation)
Along with tracking crude oil exports, we also review the satellite imagery to check on the storage situation at the main terminals to see if there has been a notable changed.
First published Sep 4, 2018 in Crude Oil Exports Report.
Iraq, August 2018
If the reported numbers are true, then that would place our Iraqi crude oil export tracking at 98.18% accuracy. The two top import countries...
First published Sep 3, 2018 in Crude Oil Exports Report.
KRG, August 2018
The August 2018 crude oil exports out of northern Iraq's Kurdistan Regional Government are...This is the second time in the past 10 months this has happened, and might continue if...
First published Sep 3, 2018 in Crude Oil Exports Report.
Venezuela, August 2018
August was a very interesting month for Venezuela, when seen with the rest of 2018 as your perspective. Some setbacks, some gains. Find out if have they increased or decreased their oil exports.
First published Sep 3, 2018 in Crude Oil Exports Report.
Iran, August 2018 (Incl. Production Calculation)
During the month of August 2018, Iran exported...barrels per day of crude oil and gas condensates. Crude oil accounted for around 91.72% of the total.
First published Sep 3, 2018 in Crude Oil Exports Report.
August 2018 Crude Oil Exports: Summarized Report
For our August Crude Oil Exports Report, we have added Nigeria as well as Sudan and South Sudan for both August as well as July. For the latter, both use the same pipelines and export terminals along the Red Sea out of Sudan.
First published Sep 2, 2018 in Crude Oil Exports Report.
Israel and Syria, August 2018
Imports were done in a clandestine manner, but not just on import, but also on export out of Iran. They're switching off their AIS transponders on both ends, which is new, but likely tied in with the coming US sanctions.
First published Sep 1, 2018 in Crude Oil Imports Report.
A Word on Venezuelan Crude Oil Exports
There is news floating about that Venezuela's key crude oil export terminal (Jose Terminal), near Barcelona, has suffered damage. This implies a...
First published Aug 30, 2018 in Crude Oil Exports Report.
Saudi Tanker Busts a New Move
We published an article called "Saudi Vessel Struck Off the Coast of Yemen" moments after finding out that a tanker carrying a Saudi flag was attacked by Houthi rebels from the west coast of Yemen. Sure enough, the oddly distinct maneuver...
First published Aug 29, 2018 in Discoveries.
EIA Forecast for Week Ending August 24th, 2018
Here is our EIA forecast for this weeks coming report, week ending August 24th. We show you the breakdown of how we have come to calculate our result.
First published Aug 28, 2018 in Data.
USA, Week Ending August 24th, 2018
Here is our USA crude oil exports report, including the country and barrel breakdown. Also, this is the first we're seeing something like this in a *very* long time. One of the tankers actually departed from...
First published Aug 27, 2018 in Crude Oil Exports Report.
Yemen Just Boosted Its Exports (Again)
A VLCC supertanker appearing off the coast of China, now empty?!...Where did she come from? Where did she go? Where did she come from...?
First published Oct 5, 2018 in Discoveries.
Iran Is Stepping Up Its Game
There's been quite a bit of discrepancy lately between our data and that of other trackers when it comes to Iranian crude oil exports. Frankly, we're surprised!
First published Aug 24, 2018 in Discoveries.
The Search for Pantelena
This article is free because we have no concrete discovery, only a possible lead. More importantly, we wish to contribute our efforts to those who are participating in the search.
First published Aug 22, 2018 in Discoveries.