Long Lines At The Pump In Mexico

Due to fuel theft in Mexico, the national oil company has been forced to transport gasoline solely by trucks instead of pipeline. We took a closer look.
Published: January 10th 2019. Updated: July 7th 2020

US Crude Oil Exports Boost Out Of The LOOP

The Louisiana Offshore Oil Port (LOOP) had a very strong month of US crude oil exports. We decided to take a closer look at how much departed, where they went and the changes in storage.
Published: January 7th 2019. Updated: July 7th 2020

Iran, December 2018 (UPDATED 2019-01-15 with Calculated Crude Oil Production & Dalian storage change)

Yet another busy month in tracking Iranian exports of crude oil and gas condensates. In addition to the numbers, we have a long list of individual vessel stories.
Published: January 4th 2019. Updated: January 19th 2023

Israel and Syria, December 2018

December was a slow, but exciting and eyebrow-raising month as we have made several interesting observations in the geopolitical landscape.
Published: January 2nd 2019. Updated: January 19th 2023

Stepping It Up In The Sudan

Although it may seem trivial in the big world of oil, today's departure of a Suezmax tanker out of Sudan was a milestone event.
Published: December 25th 2018. Updated: January 19th 2023

Showdown in Sharara

This story is a follow-up of last week's article titled "What on Earth is Happening in Libya?". We provide the latest update on production and exports.
Published: December 20th 2018. Updated: January 19th 2023

Oil Fire In Western Sinai

An oilfield in western Sinai, Egypt caught fire during the morning hours of December 15th, 2018. We gathered some satellite imagery.
Published: December 16th 2018. Updated: January 19th 2023

Israel Just Imported Oil From An Arab Gulf Nation

For the first time, we saw more than half a million barrels of crude oil arrive in Israel from an Arabian Gulf source. Here are the details.
Published: December 13th 2018. Updated: January 19th 2023

Update On Iranian Oil In The East Med Sea

A brief update showing the successes and setbacks of Iran's efforts to deliver oil in the east Mediterranean Sea a month after the unilateral US sanctions took effect.
Published: December 11th 2018. Updated: January 19th 2023

What on Earth is Happening in Libya?

A lot of headlines and stories are coming out of Libya via media outlets and the National Oil Company (NOC). Here's what we're seeing.
Published: December 10th 2018. Updated: January 19th 2023

Israel and Syria, November 2018

Something really odd happened in the east Mediterranean Sea during November. Drastic changes to the amounts delivered into Syria and Israel, along with unexepected vessels. Let's take a closer look.
Published: December 9th 2018. Updated: January 19th 2023

Iran, November 2018 (Along With Calculated Crude Oil Production, UPDATED 2019-01-11)

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US sanctions on Iran have kicked in and a number of events took place within Iran's fleet of tankers. We discovered a few more and also calculated production. You won't want to miss this one!
Published: December 6th 2018. Updated: July 7th 2020

Iranian Fleet Plus One

Seems like Iran is getting a spare VLCC supertanker to possibly join its crude oil fleet. The ownership details look quite interesting though.
Published: December 1st 2018. Updated: January 19th 2023

US-China Trade Talks Set Aside For More Oil?

It's been several months since US crude oil has been shipped directly to China on account of the ongoing trade talks/war. Let's have a fresh new look at the radar, shall we?
Published: November 28th 2018. Updated: January 19th 2023

Satellite Visual Overview of Iran's Tanker Fleet Currently In Iran (2018-11-27)

Using day-fresh satellite imagery, we are able to spot the tankers and VLCC supertankers currently parked in Iran's waters. Most of these vessels are no longer broadcasting their positions via AIS (Automatic Identification System).
Published: November 27th 2018. Updated: January 19th 2023

How Much Oil Is Iraq Actually Producing?

We have recalculated Iraq's oil production figures based on all the numbers they provided JODI Data, in addition to the satellite imagery we have collected.
Published: November 15th 2018. Updated: July 11th 2020

Iran's Tankers In The East Mediterranean Sea

Since the unilateral US sanctions on Iran took effect just days ago, we started to notice a number of interesting events take place in the east Med Sea.
Published: November 11th 2018. Updated: January 19th 2023

It's Alive!

An idle tanker we've kept close watch on all year has finally made her very first move, a day after US imposes sanctions on Iran.
Published: November 6th 2018. Updated: January 19th 2023

Iran's October 2018 Crude Oil Exports & Production Calculation Report

Find out just how much crude oil Iran both exported and produced during the insanely busy month of October 2018! We go into plenty of detail of what happened, and how we improved our tracking since September.
Published: November 4th 2018. Updated: January 19th 2023

Israel and Syria, October 2018

Crude oil imports into Syria and Israel are looking very interesting during October given the amounts and new sources. ALL of the imports were done in a clandestine fashion.
Published: November 1st 2018. Updated: January 19th 2023
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