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The ADRIAN DARYA 1 Saga Part V
First published Jan 13, 2020 in Educational.
The ADRIAN DARYA 1 Saga Part IV (Updated 2020-01-07)
First published Dec 18, 2019 in Educational.
Some Very Interesting Things To Know About Saudi Arabia's Oil Exports Ahead of the ARAMCO IPO
First published Dec 3, 2019 in Educational.
The ADRIAN DARYA 1 Saga Part III (Updated 2019-12-04)
This article covers the activities of the ADRIAN DARYA-1 during November 2019. Article has been downgraded from Premium to Standard (free signup) as our contribution to historical accuracy.
First published Nov 6, 2019 in Educational.
The ADRIAN DARYA 1 Saga Part II (October 2019)
First published Oct 4, 2019 in Educational.
Syria's New Backup Plans In Case Baniyas Fails
First published Aug 28, 2019 in Educational.
Wildfires in Canada
First published Jun 4, 2019 in Educational.
Middle East May 2019 Summary
Here's our video summary of some of the observations we have made during May 2019; involving the Fujairah tanker sabotage, Saudi pipeline assault, Syria's crude oil imports and Iran's crude oil exports.
First published May 20, 2019 in Educational.
Here's Where & When Iranian Tankers Must Switch On Their AIS Transponders
As of August/September 2018, Iranian crude oil tankers have been playing hide-and-seek by swithing off their AIS transponders which reveal their position. In doing so, they have kept trackers like ourselves busy looking for them......
First published Mar 15, 2019 in Educational.
The Reasons for Clandestine Oil Transfers
These past few weeks and months, we've talked about "clandestine transfers" in many posts, so we thought it only reasonable to give a bit more of an explanation as to what this is, how it works, why it is done and what kinds of effects this is having.
First published Sep 20, 2018 in Educational.
An Alternate Timeline in Russia's Crude Oil Production (Updated)
Russia's Ministry of Energy avails us since January 2013. They present production, refinery runs and exports and from that, we are then able to compute the changes in monthly storage.
First published Sep 5, 2018 in Educational.