It's Alive!

Published ∼ Updated 1 year ago

Today is November 6th, 2018, and is the second day of unilateral US sanctions on Iran. And with that came a very unexpected event. The TOUR 2 has finally made her very first move since January this year. It might be nothing, but given all the false destinations they have broadcast all year over AIS without moving, this seems like a very interesting move right now. Full backstory is available here.

We’re not going to make any assumptions of what happened, but we can see that the company she’s listed under (Marvin Shipping; Greece) no longer has her on their website. However, we can’t see any new owner either. Who’s now in charge?

She’s the giant white pill in this satellite photo capture this morning by Planet Labs.

UPDATE 2018-12-01: We now see that TOUR 2 has sailed all around the Arabian Peninsula and is on its way to Iran after a brief stop in the UAE.

UPDATE 2018-12-04: A satellite image captured by Planet Labs now confirms that TOUR 2 is loading oil at the eastern jetty of Kharg Island.

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