Subscription Price Changes in 2019

Published in Website News. ∼ Updated Feb 1, 2019

When we launched this website, we had two pricing plans; a Standard plan at $9.99 per month and a Premium plan at $19.99 per month. Quite recently, we decided to open up the Standard plan by removing the cost and introduced a yearly option for the Premium plan. In early 2019, we’ll be changing the price of the Premium plan, affecting new registrations after that point and those who decide to make changes to their existing subscriptions.

The New Prices:

When the new pricing model is implemented on Monday the 11th of February, 2019, any new subscribers - as well as those who make a change to their existing subscription^1^ - will be charged the following prices:

  • Standard: Unchanged, remains free.
  • Premium Monthly: $29.99 per month.
  • Premium Yearly: $299 per year.

In light of the Standard plan being made free, we will also be removing the trial periods for Premium accounts.

Here are three examples to illustrate the changes that will be taking effect early 2019.

Example One:

Adam Adamsson registered as a Standard user and is currently not paying for his account. However, he has been considering an upgrade, so in early January 2019, he signs up for a yearly Premium plan for $199.

Two weeks later, the new pricing models take effect, making the new cost $299. However, Adam Adamsson signed up before the prices changed and is not affected. When it is time to renew his subscription in January 2020, he will be charged $199, not $299.

Example Two:

Birna Björnsdóttir was a monthly Premium subscriber in 2018, paying $19.99 per month, but cancelled her account in October. In February 2019, she decides to reactivate her account. However, since this counts as a new subscription or a change in type of subscription, her account will be reactivated at a rate of $29.99 per month.

Example Three:

Cristóbal Castañeda registered for a Premium yearly account in December 2018, paying $199. In May he decides to manage his expenses on a more regular basis and changes to a monthly payment schedule at the new rate of $29.99 per month. Since he has already paid $199 for the full year and only used half of it, the equivalent of a $99 credit will be subtracted from the price of his subscription.

As Cristóbal’s new subscription takes into account the payments already made, he will not be required to make any additional payments for the first three months. During month four, the credit runs out part way through, so he will only be charged for the days remaining of his monthly subscription. As of month five, the full subscription rate of $29.99 will be charged going forward.

What Does This Mean?

It’s important to remember that the people who continue to pay the original price, whether that be monthy or yearly, will not lose access to anything that is already included in their existing subscription nor will they be automatically moved onto the higher rate when we introduce the new pricing in early 2019. Also, they will continue to get access to the new features and functionality that we have planned for the next few months as part of the Premium Plan.

Note: We do reserve the right to introduce new features and functionality in the more distant future that will be restricted to the newer pricing models.

What About Corporate Customers?

We’ve been asked about corporate plans by a number of customers during the past few months, and are happy to say that we will be introducing corporate plans at a later point during in 2019. These plans will allow corporations to register administrative accounts and grant their colleagues access. Payment for the corporate plans will be consolidated to the corporate administrator’s account, making light work of keeping track of corporate expenses. The details relating to the corporate plans are not yet available, however, more will be announced regarding this in the near future.

1 : “Changes in subscription”, in this case, includes changing the type of subscription (Premium / Standard) or the periodicity of subscription (Monthly / Yearly). Changing your card details will not trigger a change in payment plans.

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