New PremiumPlus Plan include SMS!

Published in Website News. ∼ Updated Jul 20, 2020

In early July 2020, we shall be introducing a new consumer subscription plan that will replace the existing Premium plan. It’s called PremiumPlus, available for $49.99/month or $499/year and includes access to SMS notifications and condensed reports via SMS. This means that whenever we publish a breaking news (HEADS UP) alert, an export report, an EIA forecast, etc; it can be presented in a summarized format showing only what matters most: the facts and the figures. Subscribers can freely select which categories of notifications and reports they wish to receive on their Account Settings page, so that they can tailor and customize the experience according to their interests.

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There are many benefits to SMS notifications. For example; they are collected in your phone’s inbox instead of disappearing the way app notifications often do. This means that you will always be able to look back at previous messages - even if you get a new phone and migrate your messages. Another benefit is that it saves you the time and effort it takes to access the website, as we will deliver the bottom line info to your phone even when you’re out of reach of high speed Internet. Also, you’ll get the information the minute we publish it - no need to refresh the website to see if a new post has been published.

This service is worldwide and included in the new PremiumPlus plan. It is a one-way SMS service, so replies won’t work. Please consult with your mobile/cellular operator if there any additional charges for receiving SMS while abroad - usually there aren’t any.

Existing subscribers can upgrade to the PremiumPlus plan and be charged the difference on a pro-rata basis. This means that if you have signed up for a 2019 monthly plan for $29.99 and are currently halfway into the month, you can upgrade for an additional $10 to cover the remaining half of the month and then pay $49.99 all months thereafter.

We are fully conscious of the fact that an annual plan may be quite an expense for many of our customers right now due to the COVID-impacted economic climate, so please know that you can always switch over to the Monthly Premium plan ahead of your renewal so that it is booked in place for whenever the term ends. The only benefit of an annual plan is a ~17% discount along with the benefit of only having to deal with a payment receipt once a year.

We will stop issuing the existing Premium service plans once we introduce the PremiumPlus plan in July. All existing 2018 and 2019 Premium subscriptions will continue to be honored.

PS: As notifications will be sent out via SMS in the future, we will no longer be using Twitter to send out HEADS UP breaking news alerts.

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