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Greetings Corporate Clients,

We are offering corporations and organizations a full insight into the voyages we track. The list of countries we track crude oil and gas condensate exports from include Gabon, Guyana, Iran, Iraq (north & south), Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Sudan & South Sudan (they use the same terminal), USA, Venezuela and Yemen. Our offering includes the vessel names, the ports of origin & destination, cargo types, barrel counts and even GPS coordinates of sighting of Iranian oil transfers in particular. Iran has nearly tripled its fleet of tankers from seventy in 2018 to nearly two hundred as of writing. This is how they managed to boost exports. We do our best to identify vessels using top-of-the-line daily satellite imagery, shoreside photography and our growing contact network.

A corporate monthly or discounted annual plan consists of an admin account along with two additional users. Your signup month will be the starting point of the data history you can access. If you wish to purchase prior history, a discounted quote can be offered. In addition to web access, there is also a CSV downloadable file format as well as an API.

We also offer bespoke vessel investigation reports that are typically used in legal disputes. They contain visual evidence (satellite imagery along with possibly anything else) along with AIS data of the events that took place.

As an additional feature included with Corporate, your team will also be able to receive SMS alerts & reports of vessel sightings we make in Iran and Venezuela; which typically happen before or during loading of oil. This offers clients working within the due diligence and re-insurance sectors enough time to react.

For more information, please see our Corporate Access Data Portal brochure and our KYC (“Know Your Customer”) form. The latter is for our due diligence as our data is classed as sensitive.

Please email in order to receive a quotation.

Looking forward to hearing from you,, Inc.

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