comment Israel and Syria, August 2018

Published in Crude Oil Imports Report. ∼ Updated Jul 10, 2020

For the month of August, there were two tankers that arrived to Syria from the Kharg Island, Iran. We confirmed both vessels as SEA SHARK (August 8th) and RISE DIGNITY (August 23rd).

We also spotted a refined product tanker called MR NAUTILUS (August 25th), which came in from a refinery in Bandar Abbas, Iran. All of these imports were done in a clandestine manner, but not just on import, but also on export out of Iran. They’re switching off their AIS transponders on both ends, which is new, but likely tied in with the coming US sanctions.

And then there is Syria’s neighbor, Israel. All of the crude oil that comes into the country is also transported in a clandestine manner; where AIS is switched off well ahead of arrival. Product tankers aren’t always ordered to do so, but crude oil coming to Ashkelon seems to have that modus operandi. It was a slow month for Israeli imports, but a stronger one for Syria. For comparison; please see July’s report.

Syria August 2018 Crude Oil Imports in Barrels Per Day

Source Barrels Per Day Total Barrels
Iran 59,696 1,850,574
Total 59,696 1,850,574
Revenue ($77.42/barrel) $4,621,659 $143,271,443

Israel August 2018 Crude Oil Imports in Barrels Per Day

Source Barrels Per Day Total Barrels Percentage by Country
Kurdistan Regional Government 106,674 3,306,894 47.51%
Azerbaijan 57,581 1,785,011 25.64%
Russia 32,887 1,019,497 14.65%
Angola 27,390 849,090 12.20%
Total 224,532 6,960,492
Revenue ($77.42/barrel) $17,383,267 $538,881,291

*Image courtesy of Planet Labs.

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