Overview Of Our Subscription Service Tiers

Published ∼ Updated 3 weeks ago

At time of writing (2022-11-03), there are two subscription tiers currently available. The retail version is called PremiumPlus, which costs $99/month or $999/year. Its intended target audience are private individuals that require our data for personal use. The data doesn’t contain the level of granularity or the same box of tools that are available to our Corporate clients. Such a subscription plan costs $5,000/month or $50,000/year. The audience there is mostly the big names within the maritime insurance sector along with governments and large commodity traders, and the service plan includes a massive library of visual evidence along with our findings for each listed vessel. It also includes a very powerful (and first of its kind) visual search engine, allowing clients to quickly and visually identify a tanker (Panamax and larger) in satellite imagery. On top of that, there are the SMS notifications of any vessels we visually identify in places such as Iran and Venezuela; from space as well as from shore.

There has been a growing demand for an “in-between” service plan, mostly from the financial sector and shipping analysts. They aim to use our data as part of their oil production forecasts and also to spot any changes in trends ahead of the market. For that, we shall be launching a service plan called Corporate Lite. It shall be priced at $1,000/month or $10,000/year. Just like with Corporate, it shall include three users (1 admin + 2 extra users), reports & alerts via SMS, an API for accessing our data, as well as additional features not available to our retail audience. Corporate Lite won’t include key insights we have on specific vessels or list them at all in any voyage data, but will provide context such as which vessel size classes (and quantity thereof) are being used between a nation of origin and destination. And just like with our Corporate plan, Corporate Lite will grant clients the permission to use our data for their commercial purposes. Retail PremiumPlus clients do not have that right.

To upgrade to Corporate Lite, simply visit the Billing Portal, available from the Account Settings menu in the top right corner. Below is a comparison table of our service tiers.

Please feel free to email us at portmaster@tankertrackers.com if you would like to begin the signup process.

PS: We shall no longer be offering new signups for PremiumPlus as of 2023-01-01, but shall continue honoring existing subscriptions that use it for personal use.

Thank you, /TankerTrackers.com, Inc.

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