About - The Site and the Team

We are passionate about understanding the world we live in and understand that the best way to do so is often dependent on having access to data. Unfortunately, many governments and global corporations are secretive and restrictive, preferring to lock their numbers away behind bureaucracy and obfuscation. They cover up the long-term harm they're doing to nature and knowingly mislead us in order to bring themselves short-term benefits. Their stranglehold on raw data cripples the development of new data models, hinders the important oversight required by multiple international bodies and creates a small class of people with an unfair advantage of knowledge in commodity trading.

We combat this by being a vigilant and impartial watchdog, keeping a close eye on the production, refinement, shipping and trading of crude oil on a global level. We publish our findings without any bias, malice or self-interest, ensuring that the governments and corporations or the world stay honest. We follow up on case histories that demonstrate irregularities and interesting developments as they happen, shining a spotlight on the secretive and hidden. Every week, we're uncovering new data or making new discoveries.

Our product, ultimately, is an open, honest and transparent global marketplace. What we're selling is access to the truth - and for the prices we're asking; can you reallly afford not to have a subscription?

Sam, Lisa and Breki